Martin Sundström

Martin Sundström is a Swedish photographer living in Stockholm. He works with architects, advertising agencies and graphic studios. But in recent years also a lot more with his own work and exhibitions. In March 2015 he had an exhibition of botanical pictures in Galleri33 in Stockholm. Later the same year, in November he had a new exhibition – ”Flowerpower” – in BATGallery in the center of Stockholm.


MSGallery sells high quality fine art prints from photographer Martin Sundström. We are located at Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea is to sell worldwide, Swedish tax and standard shipping is included in the price. But if you are in the area you can always pick up the prints here at Södermalm and have an espresso or two.

Standard size for our prints are paper size A2 (420 mm x 594 mm, 16,8″ x 23,7”). Picture sizes varies a little bit depending on which camera that has been used. But if you want a smaller or – in most cases – a larger size, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and price.

With every print follows a Certificate of Authencity and a document with facts of the working process regarding the picture you orded and some facts about the motiv etc.

Every print is of course signed by the photographer, and numbered (most often) from 1–25 (some are from 1–10). We don´t have a new numbering for every size. The numbering follow the picture. That means when number 25 is sold, whatever sizes it has been delivered in, the picture can´t be sold anymore. The photographer have reserved a few ex outside the numbering. Obviously they are not numbered.

You find us here:
Högbergsgatan 21
1116 20 Stockholm